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Bumford and Sons vs. Mark E Smith

I have just become aware that my blog (this page in particular: https://tjdizzle.wordpress.com/2010/08/12/mercury-vs-neptune-part-3-mumford-and-sons-vs-four-tet/ ) is the NUMBER ONE Google search result for the phrase ‘Bumford and Sons’. This makes me pleased. On a different, but similarly Bumford related note, this recently happened, … Continue reading

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Mercury vs Neptune Part 3: Mumford and Sons vs Four Tet

I’m not expecting to hear many sonic similarities between these two. Mumford Sons are a pop-folk band with a banjo, whereas Four Tet is one man, Kieran Hebden, making electronica/techno/whatever exactly you call it. Mumford and Sons sing (with harmonies … Continue reading

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