About those Mercury Prize albums…

So it would seem that I’ve managed to do precisely none of the reviews of the albums on the Mercury Prize shortlist this year, as i said i would before. Sorry about that. I have listened to a few of them (didn’t think much of James Blake, but thought Ghostpoet sounded very good), but not got very far in writing any of them up.

Thing is I’ve been a busy man this summer, with festivals and holidays and Ellie-related times, as well as a lot of reading and a lot of other music. Its been a wonderful summer in terms of music listening, but doing a Mercury review always seemed a little too much of a chore- i would rather be listening to something else, and be reading something rather than writing. I don’t really regret the way its gone though- there isn’t much point blogging something if you don’t particularly want to. And theres been a lot of very good music i’ve come across recently – probably better than most of the Mercury selections…

Heres a little of what I listened to instead, both old and new (to me). So when the Mercury winner is announced, and you decide it isn’t any good, or start lamenting ‘the state of music’ or whatever, listen to a few of these instead of getting too worked up about it:

Moon Duo
Mark McGuire
Lift To Experience
John Coltrane (try ‘Ascension’ and ‘Interstellar Space’ for free jazz fun!)
The Flaming Lips
Lightning Bolt
The Flaming Lips collaboration with Lightning Bolt
Roy Harper
British Sea Power
Josh T Pearson
Bo Ningen
Galaxie 500
The Thing
David Thomas Broughton
Janelle Monae

And so much more- the music never stops! So go on, dig in. You know you want to.

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