Back from Leeds, Back to Blog.

Well maybe anyway. You’ll have noticed, theoretical regular reader, that my blogging has dropped off rather a lot over the last few months. That’s because I originally started it partly as something to occupy myself in the summer holidays, so once a workload appeared again when I arrived in Leeds, I kind of stopped. When there are essays to write, writing is work (relatively pleasant as it may be), and becomes a little less appealing as an activity of leisure. So I haven’t done much, apart from a few minor entries, since mid September. Comically, I even started a review of the LED Festival in September, which still languishes in my ‘Drafts’, unfinished. I should be capable of finishing that off shortly, I just need to try and summon up the power to describe that Aphex Twin set…

I’ll aim to also make some words out of the various gigs I’ve been to in Leeds, and stuff like that. So hopefully I’ll manage to put some good bits and pieces up here, though I might just get distracted. But what are you going to do about it? Nothing, you can do nothing. Yeah.

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