Bumford and Sons vs. Mark E Smith

I have just become aware that my blog (this page in particular: https://tjdizzle.wordpress.com/2010/08/12/mercury-vs-neptune-part-3-mumford-and-sons-vs-four-tet/ ) is the NUMBER ONE Google search result for the phrase ‘Bumford and Sons’. This makes me pleased.

On a different, but similarly Bumford related note, this recently happened, which also makes me happy and amused.


The misanthropic Mark E Smith, of the Fall, apparently threw a bottle at Mumford and Sons backstage at a festival, in an attempt to ‘shut them cunts up’. He didn’t even know who the band were, thinking they were ‘retarded irish folk singers’ instead. This incident has no doubt brought joy to the faces of Fall fans everywhere, and confusion to those of Mumford and Sons. Lol indeed.

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