Listen to this! – Brian Eno

Hey you! This is a feature which I might do more of here and there, whenever I feel compelled to share a song/track/piece of music with whoever is reading this. It may be a little similar to Ellie’s ‘Song of the Day’ feature, ( but we are both acting in the common interest of sharing music, so hopefully this will not be a problem. Expect to see this removed if I hear from Ellie’s lawyers…

You are probably familiar with Brian Eno in one way or another. He was in Roxy Music, more or less invented ambient music, and has done plenty of production work, quite possibly on one of your favourite bands. David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2, Coldplay, Harmonia… these and more have been influenced by his presence in the studio. He’s done billions of other things too (including creating the Microsoft start-up sound), but this post is just about one of his songs, ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’.

I listened to this 5 or 6 times yesterday, including playing it 3 times in a row just before going to bed. It’s gotten lodged in my head, and this might be because it basically is just one hook. As the song goes on, some drums, and then some voices get added to it, but the centre is very much that sound. I think it’s a guitar. though it sounds like it could come from someone humming. Either way, it’s gone through a lot of processing to sound like it does, and it sounds brilliant! As I say, listen to it!

This manages to be simultaneously both avant-garde and pop, in that it’s sound is pleasant and accessible, whilst being basically just the repetition of one sound again and again. It’s a weird morsel of music, but I seem to be loving it at the moment, so go investigate.

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5 Responses to Listen to this! – Brian Eno

  1. Can’t afford a lawyer 🙂 But I do like the phrase “morsel of music”. I might steal that at some point.. When was this piece created?

  2. tjdizzle says:

    Go for it! My sources tell me it was released in 1974- one might say it is ahead of it’s time. Do you like?

  3. Erm… It’s kind of droney. Like someone could mistake it for planes flying over heard or something. It’s good after 2 minutes. It sort of sounds like a cross between muffled bagpipes and a hell of a lot of bees. He is ahead of his time in that he’s successfully created, in 1974, what Besnard Lakes managed to produce the other night, and it’s better than them.

    You are so weird 🙂 Where the hell do you find all this od music?! And why do you like it so much? This piece is definitely not worth listening to three times before bed, but I could very much imagine you doing so. Weirdo 🙂

  4. What?! What a load of bollocks, I’ve never let Eno on there! Really, I haven’t. The only way it would have been on there would be from Dan or Dede sticking it on there and not telling me. Nothing to do with me! How come you’ve only just discovered it now?

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