Berlin Investigations 4: Caribou

Now Caribou I am already familiar with, but I’m going to highlight him/them anyway, for I expect great things from the Caribou festival set. Firstly, the festival have made the song ‘Sun’ their song of the festival, meaning you can download it for free, on behalf of Berlin Festival! What a gift, especially considering that this song is a serious, serious tune. It’s thoroughly danceable and rhythmic, somewhat hypnotic, and addictive. Here is the proof-

But Caribou also bring more great tunes to the table. ‘Odessa’ is similarly addictive, though it does feature more lyrics than just the word ‘Sun’ chanted again and again. Tunes like ‘Barnowl’ and ‘A Final Warning’ from previous albums are also most good, and kind of psychedelic (maybe I should look further into those albums…)

I’ve heard excellent reviews of the Caribou live show (apparently Dan Snaith, the man who is Caribou, sometimes joins in on a second drum kit for added thrills and excitement, and they all build into a glorious cacophony), and ‘Swim’ is a great album, so there seems to be every reason to highly anticipate this show. Caribou’s list of other tour dates are massive, so look out for them coming to a venue near you.

PS. Dan Snaith is, as well as an excellent and highly acclaimed producer of live band psychedelic-dance-electronica, the holder of a Maths PHD from Imperial College London. Will we hear excerpts from his thesis ‘Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols’ alongside his wild tunes in Berlin? I somehow doubt it.

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