Berlin Investigations 1: Tricky

Earlier today, I heard what seemed to be an absolute tune on the radio (6music). As it turns out, it was ‘Murder Weapon’, the new single by Tricky. And what festival is he playing this september…?

Now I’m sure you will agree that that is superb. It oddly starts with a music box version of ‘My Way’, but a gunshot swiftly takes care of that. The track is then driven by a great guitar riff, and the catchy refrain of “shiny gun, shiny gun”. I’m not that big on guns and murder, but this is a tune nevertheless

Tricky was with Massive Attack for their first two albums, providing his laid back, but slightly threatening and sometimes dark rhymes, also heard on his various solo albums. He does seem to like working with female vocalists a lot; Martina Topley Bird turns up a lot. This leads me to wonder how the format will play out live; presumably Tricky will bring a lady along to help him out in Berlin. Apparently he is a great presence live, even when not actually doing anything, so he should be a very fine performance to see. Providing he pulls out ‘Murder Weapon’ and some more in a similar vein, I’m sure it will go down very nicely.

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