Berlin Festival: Musical Investigations

Right, time for a slight change from Mercury’s and Neptune’s. I am very pleased to say that I am going to the Berlin Festival in about a month. It’s held in an old airport, Templehof airport, (which I am told (by Wikipedia) has key historical significance, being the site of the ‘Berlin Airlift’) in Berlin, and has some very nice musical artists in its line-up. LCD Soundsystem, Fever Ray, Caribou, Fatboy Slim, Hot Chip… take a look:

I was planning to see Fever Ray and LCD Soundsystem at some point this year anyway, and I think their ticket prices alone pay for this 2 day festival ticket! This is thanks to an offer we found on their website that offers 2 for 1 tickets; and the price was cheap to begin with at 59 euros. So I think it works out as about £25! Obviously there are flights out there to add to costs, and there’s no camping so a hostel is required, but it’s still looking like a pretty good deal, especially considering that we also get a few days in Berlin. Looks like a really great city, full of fun (and some history stuff on the side too).

But though there are plenty of things I am highly keen on seeing, there’s also a fat load of bands/djs on the line up that I know not of! Some seem to have a good reputation though, and others just sound interesting in the descriptions on the festival website. I’m going do some looking into these things, to improve festival enjoyment and hopefully find some marvellous new music. Wish me luck, I’ll be posting about it.

P.S. Great new video just up- Feel the thrills!

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